Hi! I am Umang Jung Thapa, a nature photographer based in Kathmandu, Nepal. 

Introduced to the outdoors and camping from an early age by my father, I developed a strong fascination and respect for nature/wildlife. Subsequent trips to the jungles made me understand and enjoy the diverse flora/fauna found in Nepal. 

Photographing nature has allowed me to observe how nature works and document them in different habitats through my camera. 

Umang’s nature photos have been regularly published in books (Forest Birds of Nepal), annual calendars (BCN, NTNC, Nepalese Army, Sunrise Bank, etc.), websites, and photo exhibitions and have also recently been used by Nepal Tourism Board to promote Nepal’s wildlife tourism through a 10-year contract.

Umang’s passion takes him from tropical forests and grasslands to hills and mountains, often requiring dedication involving long hours of traveling, waiting, and planning to capture the desired photo. His photos are essential in inspiring the conservation of our natural environment.

Being an avid Birder, my birding journey has eventually led me to become a Patron of Bird Conservation Nepal (BCN). Currently also serving as a past member of the Executive Board there.

In 2011, after a decade of extensive corporate experience in Banking, my desire to spend more time outdoors resolved me to become a Freelance Corporate Trainer and Part-time Lecturer with Queen Margaret University, Scotland validated degree taught at Silvermountain School of Hotel Management, Kathmandu.


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For more information, contact me:

Umang Jung Thapa
Kathmandu, Nepal

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